Hating Liver But Loving Pate

I can’t stand liver. I don’t really like offal of any kind. The jury is still out on faggots as I’ve only had them once. Last year though we went to the south of France to visit Hubby’s dad. On one of our last meals before coming back we went out to inner. In a fit of adventure I ordered Canard Foie Gras Salade with Smoked Canard Gizzards.

I was unsure of the gizzards and the pate, but that meal changed something for me. I fell in love with pate. So much in fact that when I got home I set about figuring out how to make it.

I’ve made it a few times. Getting duck livers is proving to be a pain in the ass though. So the couple times I’ve made it now it’s been using lamb livers. I still think they’re gross though and I can’t stand to smell them when they cook. At least they only cook for a few moments. Blech.

I love mushrooms so I’ve sauted up a few after cooking the livers then toss it all into the blender. I blend it all together for a bit then begin adding my cream. Although I do add my butter in at the beginning.

I have a couple of these little bottles and I love them. They origianlly had Foie Gras in them. It’s always tempting to eat the pate fresh after making it, but this is one of those food things that benefits greatly from sitting in the fridge overnight.


~ by Donna on August 24, 2009.

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