Using Pork Belly More Than Once

I don’t often buy big cuts of meat, but one of my few indulgences is Pork Belly. Of course I was able to get this through my shop in the village so little piggy was local. I always cook my Pork Belly the same way. I cut any bones off the underside and put them in the fridge for later and I score it and smear it with Chinese 5 Spice paste. You can make your own, but I’ve become rather rather bond of Bart’s brand spices and their Chinese 5 Spice paste is wonderful. Saves me a hell of a lot of time too.

I smear it all over and make sure to get it into the cuts. I have a fan oven so I use temps that are a little lower than most would use, but usually I put it in at about 175C for around 30 minutes. Amount of time really depends on how big it is. I test it after about 30 minutes to see if it still bleeds. Once it’s crispy on top and stop bleeding then it’s ready to be dinner.

I served the sliced Pork Belly with some plain steamed rice. You really don’t need much with this in my opinion. This is all about making the pork the star.

We of course couldn’t eat all of it in one sitting. It was half of a piggy belly after all. So half of what was left over was put aside to use in my soup the next day and the rest put into some Tupperware and popped into the freezer for later use. Will be great for using instead of bacon.

The bones that came off the underside haven’t gone to waste. The next day I popped them into a put of water with some seasoning and let it simmer until I had the most heavenly stock you ever did see.  I don’t mess around when making stock. Sometimes I’ll use veg, but often I’ll just stick the bones and such into a pot and let it simmer for a few hours until al the yum is out of the bones and any meat stuck to them. I got enough stock to make my soup and some to set aside for later use.

I’ll get another 2-3 meals out of that Pork Belly. Yummy!


~ by Donna on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Using Pork Belly More Than Once”

  1. When I come to stay – you will make me this. And I will eat the whole damn piggy belly 🙂

  2. This will be feeding the terrible four at game night tomorrow… with rice and some kind of veggies I feel… not sure if I will go the whole half a piggy belly tho!

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