Sik Kebas

Moving to the UK meant that I was going to have to get used to many new foods.  One of them was of course going to be Indian food. Now ages before I moved to the UK I had eaten Indian food a couple times.  This of course didn’t even begin to prepare me for the wonderful Indian food I would find here. I am absolutely amazed and delighted by the Indian food I’ve had here and have turned into a curry addict. One of my very favourite things is the Sik Kebab. I don’t often order them in the restaurants, but I adore them when made by my husband. In case you’re wondering, no he isn’t Indian. He does make some amazing food though and these are my favourite.

This time was an experiment with the meat itself. Because I’ve become so enamoured with Abel & Cole we thought we’d order some meat from them. So delivered to our door was some lovely organic lamb mince and I of course demanded he spoil me with the lovely Sik Kebabs. Ya know, I don’t think we’ll be getting our lamb mince from anywhere else now.


~ by Donna on April 22, 2009.

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