Refried Black Beans

There are certain things I miss greatly from the US. Refried beans and lovely Mexican food is one of them. Anticipating this I bought an authentic Mexican cookbook. Since movig here I have introduced my hubby to some mexican food, including refried bean burritos. Normally I make them with Pinto Beans, but we buy Black Beans too. Now I cheat considerably ’cause I use tinned beans instead of fresh dried ones. It makes this a world easier to do and I don’t have to think a day in advance if I want refried beans.

The ingredients are very simple; just beans, garlic and onion.

One other thing that I think makes a major difference to the taste is what I cook it in. You can use normal veg oil, but I opt instead for Pork Lard. I don’t use tons, about 2 tablespoons. In the end it really makes a difference to the taste and is worth doing.

The end result are wonderful lovely refried beans. Instead of sour cream we always use Greek Yogurt. It tastes much nicer and is a lot better for me than sour cream. That’s Red Leiceter cheese you see in there and some lovely chipped green chillies.  And of course working for over 2 years in a Mexican restaurant means I can fold a burrito perfectly.


~ by Donna on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Refried Black Beans”

  1. How do you fold a Burrito then?
    Also how blasphemous is my addition of oregano, paprika and about double the amount of garlic you used there to my refried beans?

  2. I think I’ll have to make a post showing how to fold a burrito cause i can’t explain without pictures.

    I would cringe at the oregano, but I put cayenne and paprika in mine. The amount of garlic I use varies. I often put some garlic and chili sauce in it too, about a tbls.

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