Pork Chops and Creamed Kale and Purple Broccoli

I live in a small village in Southern England. The place looks like it fell off a postcard. No, seriously, it really does. In the vilage we have a little shop. I’ve very thankful for our little shop for it has many needed things that you’d normally find in a little shop. Through the shop we can also order meat from a local supplier who of course in turn gets all the meat from local farmers. We of course buy almost all of our meat through the village shop an thus through him. Every month we buy several trays of pork chops, without fail, and pork sausages if we’re out. The price is right, Mister Supplier Man loves us and the pork is locally sourced so we’re talking sexxy meat here.

Also every month we get a veg box delivered. It’s always this wonderful mix of fresh veg. In this month’s box we got some kale and some purple sprouting broccoli.

So I fried the pork chops with a bit of Cornish salt and some black pepper.

Once the chops were done I wilted the kale and purple broccoli in the drippings of the meat with a little water. To make them a little more intresting I decided to cream them. Of course I have no cream in my house as usualy, so instead I mixed a splash of milk in with some greek yogurt and stirred that into the wilted veg.  The end result was some wonderfully creamed wilted veg and the most heavenly pork chops.


~ by Donna on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Pork Chops and Creamed Kale and Purple Broccoli”

  1. That looks good will have to try it. Yes, your village is just adorable. I still look at my pictures of it. I enjoyed my stay there.

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